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Every weekday, Splendid's Departments bring you the best of everything else Splendid covers: we explore the world beyond your stereo in &, roam the live music scene in LIVELINE, sample the wares of independent publishers in BOOKSHELF, and more! See your favorite artists in an entirely different light in POINTLESS QUESTIONS, and witness our attempts to freshen the sagging Music Lists genre with THAT DAMN LIST THING. There's enough stuff here to keep you happy for a long time...

POINTLESS QUESTIONSWe ask your favorite bands the questions no-one else asks. Random, perplexing and often oddly enlightening.
The Gunshy (#2)The Gunshy's Matt Arbogast answers 'em again. Pointless Questions has traded places with That Damn List Thing this week.
THAT DAMN LIST THINGEvery other zine has a "Best CDs List." Normally, we go out of our way not to be like every other zine. In this case, we're jumping on the List wagon. Indulge us. Besides, our Lists are better. And less predictable.
It's a bittersweet finale for That Damn List Thing. George looks to the future, and thinks about how to use all of his newfound free time: 16 Things I'm Going to Do Now that Splendid is Done.
& (THE WORLD BEYOND YOUR STEREO)Zines, books, movies, DVDs, comics and who-knows-what else -- & takes you beyond the music for reviews of... well, everything else.
Niger: Magic & Ecstasy In The Sahel Andrew Mall, a veteran of numerous Sublime Frequencies compilations, takes a crack at one of their documentaries: Niger: Magic & Ecstasy In The Sahel.
BOOKSHELFThousands of books are released each year by presses representing communities and viewpoints not always found in your local MegaBookMart. Each month, Bookshelf will spotlight a different press, with reviews of fiction, poetry, cultural writing and more, providing a valuable guide for those interested in expanding their reading horizons.
The Devil's Midnight Robert Thomas digs into Yuri Kapralov's The Devil's Midnight (Akashic).
THE ESSENTIAL ALBUMSThere are great albums, and there are great albums. Our writers discuss the classics, the obscure-but-perfect treasures and the ten-out-of-tens that belong in every well-rounded music collection.
Whiskeytown's 'Stranger's Almanac'David A. Cobb ponders the enduring worth of Whiskeytown's Stranger's Almanac.
GUILTY!Far more than just our writers' guilty pleasures -- Guilty! spotlights obscure and often singular delights, weird and wonderful oddities and albums that, while decidedly not classics, hold a special place in our writers' hearts.
The Lemonheads' 'It's a Shame About Ray'Jennifer Kelly admits her fondness for The Lemonheads' It's a Shame About Ray.
SHORT TALKIn the course of acquiring articles to fill our weekly feature interview slot, we've accumulated a number of pieces that are too short to use -- but other than the length problem, they're usually worthy of publication, and certainly worth the modest effort required to read them once. We've launched Short Talk as a way of getting them out there. Short Talk will debut in mid-October.
The AquabatsSean Sullivan's conversation with The Aquabats' Crash McLarsen is the longest Short Talk we've ever run.
LIVELINEYour friends at Splendid get to see a lot of bands play. Most of the time, we don't even have to pay. But rather than lording it over you and pulling a big "hipper than thou" thing, we write about the shows so you can say you were there...
Head of Femur, Hockey Night Jenny saw Head of Femur and Hockey Night. Why didn't you?
FILE UNDER ?Christian Carey treks tirelessly through the hinterlands of uncategorizable music, and you get to read about it in the comfort and safety of your home, you lucky bastard.
New Classical Recordings and more...
I, COLLECTORThis occasional column, detailing the ins and outs of life as a compulsive record collector, isn't nearly as wank as it sounds. Begins in late October.
Nostalgia turns to self-loathing as George ponders the purchase of a few twelve-inch singles...
TENEach month (or thereabouts), Jimmy Possession, the man behind the UK-based zine Robots and Electronic Brains, enumerates his favorite new releases. Sometimes there are ten of them. Other times, there might be eight of them, or twelve. Don't take the name too literally.
Jimmy's into Artridge, Wiqwar, Disco Students and... well, numerous other things.
THE RUMOR-MONGERIf music news is a good meal, music rumors are the light, airy dessert that follows! Here are the juiciest rumors our crack staff could dig up, without all that tiresome fact-checking that drags so many articles down. The Rumor Monger makes her glorious return in mid-March 2005!
The Rumor Monger returns with dirt on Ben Gibbard, Sufjan Stevens, Will Oldham and others.
LABEL CONSCIOUSOur long-awaited label profile column finally sees the light of day. Here's where you can learn all about your favorite labels, the labels you're indifferent about, and probably several labels you've never heard about. Labels, labels, labels. w00t.
5RCOur label profile column comes out of hibernation for a pithy discussion with 5 Rue Christine's Slim Moon. That scraping noise you hear is the bottom of the barrel.
THE TOURING TESTBands on the run -- America's heartland, and beyond, from behind the wheel of a late-model van.
The BoxesThe Boxes head out for a five-day mini-tour. Read the shocking details here.
Departments below this point are no longer updated, but if you ask us, they're still worth reading.
THE FOUR FOURSThe Four Fours are a fictional cartoon band. Unlike those other fictional cartoon bands, the Four Fours are unsuccesful and untalented. The Four Fours play the big beat and the straight face and the alcoholic shake. The Four Fours are your new best friends. Watch for new strips twice a month.
#32 (conclusion) Old scores are settled, new alliances are formed and the fate of the earth hangs in the balance as The Four Fours concludes. Actually, none of that happens, but it is the final strip.
PAUL VELOURIABeginning in late July:
Paul just wants to be your friend. That is, assuming you can play the guitar. Or maybe the drums. Or if your name rhymes with "Rivers Cuomo". Meet Paul Velouria: Strangely Old, Strangely Male Groupie.
#19 Names for bands...



Brian Cherney

Tomas Korber


The Rude Staircase

Dian Diaz



The Crimes of Ambition

Karl Blau


Gary Noland

Tommy and The Terrors


Bound Stems

Gary Noland

Carlo Actis Dato and Baldo Martinez

Quatuor Bozzoni

The Positions

Comet Gain

Breadfoot featuring Anna Phoebe

Secret Mommy

The Advantage

For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records

The Slow Poisoner

Alan Sondheim & Ritual All 770



Five Corners Jazz Quintet

Cameron McGill

Drunk With Joy

10 Ft. Ganja Plant

The Hospitals

Ross Beach

Big Star

The Goslings

Lair of the Minotaur

Koji Asano

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Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste probably didn't even know that he'd be the subject of Jennifer Kelly's final Splendid interview... but he is!

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