The Marshmallow Coast's Andy Gonzales fields a few POINTLESS QUESTIONS

Andy Gonzales

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What's the worst "day job" you've ever had?

Andy Gonzales: Taco Bell graveyard shift.

How much time do you spend on the internet each week? What do you do when you're on?

Andy Gonzales: Seven hours a week; look at stuff I can't afford.

Most people, whether they're willing to admit it or not, have a uniform -- clothing they'll default to when left to their own devices. What's your uniform?

Andy Gonzales: Women's underclothes.

PC or Mac (or Linux/etc.)? Why?

Andy Gonzales: Whopper. It is big.

What is your definition of a "good person"?

Andy Gonzales: Someone who tells you you smell.

What is the dumbest fashion trend of the last hundred years?

Andy Gonzales: Curiosity about fashion trends.

What book (or books) that you read as a child has most influenced your life as an adult?

Andy Gonzales: The Satanic Verses (read when I was 12).

What is the most important trend/cultural paradigm shift of the year 2000?

Andy Gonzales: Gangsters pulling their pants back up.

Given the choice, would you rather stake your life on your ability to quickly solve a complex mathematical equation, or attempt to fight/escape from a large grizzly bear? Why?

Andy Gonzales: I am always tensed up for a car crash. I have survival instincts.

What's your favorite video/computer game? Don't have one? How about board games?

Andy Gonzales: Pokemon Snap -- it is quite harmless.

If you could elect to never, ever, ever have to kiss one particular person now living, who would that person be?

Andy Gonzales: Ronald McDonald.

What's your position on gun control?

Andy Gonzales: I like guns but I know they are bad.

What album or albums in your music collection would you have to replace immediately if they wore out, were stolen, etc.?

Andy Gonzales: Rachel's Music for Egon Schiele.

Do you use Napster (or any of its variants)? How often? For what? If not, why not?

Andy Gonzales: I take Napsters after a big meal, though my doctor says not to.

You are able to get away with murder once, and only once. Who, if anyone, do you kill?

Andy Gonzales: Some random person at McDonalds.

Paper or plastic? Why?

Andy Gonzales: Plastic has handles. An obvious choice.

You're stuck at my house. It's your turn to cook. What meal do you cook me?

Andy Gonzales: Tofu and veggies. Or mac and cheese.

If you could make a rock 'n' roll porn movie, who would be your two co-stars?

Andy Gonzales: These two dirty girls I just saw in Playboy.

What's the most evil thing in the world?

Andy Gonzales: NAFTA.

You have the power to bring one famous dead person back to life. Who's it gonna be?

Andy Gonzales: Maurice Ravel.

What was the last pet name used by you to refer to your someone special? What was the last pet name your someone special used to refer to you?

Andy Gonzales: Filthy butt; Diarrhea lambchops.

Was Betsy Ross hot for George Washington?

Andy Gonzales: I careth not.

What "official version" of a historical event do you most suspect to be a load of crap?

Andy Gonzales: My parents planning my birth.

What was the "most wanted" item on your holiday wish list?

Andy Gonzales: Kindercore to give me my recording budget.

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In addition to being a full-time member of Of Montreal, Andy Gonzales has been spewing out Marshmallow Coast albums at a reckless pace. His latest, Marshmallow Coasting, came out last fall.

-- George Zahora

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