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Orwell's Jérôme Didelot réond au POINTLESS QUESTIONS


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Right now, with no advance notice, and for reasons we're not going to bother explaining, you must get rid of one album from your record collection. Which title gets the chop?

Jérôme Didelot: David Bowie's Never Let Me Down -- in spite of its title, there's obviously no other choice (I must confess I've it done already).

You wake up one morning and discover that you've grown two feet taller overnight. How does it affect your life?

Jérôme Didelot: I don't think it would change anything, I would get up in the morning and ...Ouch! My head!

What's more important: good music or good food? And why?

Jérôme Didelot: The first choice keeps me sane, whereas the second one keeps me alive. So I should ask my friends if they'd prefer me being unbearable or being dead.

Why does the wheel in the sky keep on turning?

Jérôme Didelot: Maybe I'll try your drugs.

You've just been elected to the US senate (if you're not a US citizen, please either pretend you are or move forward on the assumption that you've taken a similar government-type position in your own country). What's on your agenda legislation-wise?

Jérôme Didelot: Having "french fries" baptized "french freedom fries".

If the moon were made of cheese, what kind of cheese would it be made of? Please explain your reasoning.

Jérôme Didelot: Buzz Aldrin is persuaded it's made of rum baba, so don't break his dream.

You've just won a contest in which the prize is your "dream car". What make and model of car do you choose? (And no, you can't just take the money.)

Jérôme Didelot: I've never dreamt of a car, sorry. The money is fine.

You can go back in time and kill one person without disrupting the space/time continuum, creating a paradox and causing the universe to collapse upon itself. Who would it be?

Jérôme Didelot: The German goal keeper at the 1982 Soccer World Cup, just before he played against France.

As an experiment, you spend an entire day with a stick of butter duct-taped to your forehead. What do you learn?

Jérôme Didelot: Probably that living without it is more easy.

What's the best way to spend a rainy day?

Jérôme Didelot: Being Irish.

What is the coolest animal to watch a nature show about?

Jérôme Didelot: US presidents.

What do you do now, as a result of widespread internet access, that you didn't do ten years ago?

Jérôme Didelot: Watching photographs with people wearing mullets, and from time to time answering weird questions.

Who did you last give flowers and why?

Jérôme Didelot: My mum because I'm desperately not inspired on Mother's day.

The thong: instrument of social change or harbinger of dark times?

Jérôme Didelot: A friend of mine wearing a leather mask indicates that you forgot one option.

The police have just nailed you for some kind of minor infraction. What were you most likely to have been doing?

Jérôme Didelot: Having the Kurdish type.

What article (or articles) of clothing do you wish you never had to wear again? Why?

Jérôme Didelot: It would rather be the haircut I had when I was 18 (something between Robert Smith and A Flock of Seagulls's singer) because it's on my driving licence.

Taking into account all current political, social and economic situations, which country would you most like to be and why?

Jérôme Didelot: Do I sound like an intolerant chauvinist saying it's France? The reason is simple -- I'm an intolerant chauvinist.

Tell us about your weirdest experience with a fan.

Jérôme Didelot: I'll tell you when I meet the first one (unless I can speak of my experience with my mother).

When was the last time you had an entire day to yourself, and what did you do with it?

Jérôme Didelot: I've been searching for a fan.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done while drunk? If you're a non-drinker, please limit your self-righteous response to 25 words.

Jérôme Didelot: Talking to the girlfriend of a guy born in the south of France (my nose still hurts).

What's your favorite thing to do when you can't sleep?

Jérôme Didelot: Thinking of songs I forget when the morning comes.

What are your fellow band members' most irritating habits? If you have no fellow band members, what are your own most irritating habits?

Jérôme Didelot: Reading sports press while rehearsing.

We're considering lobbying the government to pass a law banning the use of certain overplayed words -- for example, "new", "flaming" and "electric" -- in band names. What other words should be banned?

Jérôme Didelot: Writers' names...

What's the most un-rock and roll hobby or interest you have?

Jérôme Didelot: Herb tea.

What's the stupidest thing a reviewer ever said about you or your band?

Jérôme Didelot: A journalist once wrote a whole review with references to The War of the Worlds. I remind you, my band is called Orwell.

Which would be worse -- going three rounds with Mike Tyson, or having sex with Anna Nicole Smith?

Jérôme Didelot: Having sex with Mike Tyson.

What advice would you give to Michael Jackson?

Jérôme Didelot: Travelling in the past. (Editor's Note: Perhaps this makes sense if you're French.)

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Parasol Records has this to say about Orwell and their Following Days:

Since the international success of bands like Air, Tahiti 80, and Phoenix, French Pop has aroused a growing interest all over the world. Maybe this explains why Orwell's debut album was originally released by Quince Records in Japan late last year, even prior to the French release (entitled Des Lendemains) this past Spring. After an encouraging European mini-album, Orwell's sophisticated pop has found its definitive sound for Following Days. On this 14 track record, sung in French and English, gentle melodies are supported by omnipresent string arrangements, while the band's influences include both sixties orchestral pop and eighties new wave. French retro-futurism has never sounded so beautiful! Following Days features collaboration with guitarist Mederic Gontier from Tahiti 80 and multi-instrumentalist Mehdi Zannad, aka Fugu. A collection of Euro-exotica and melodically mesmerizing baroque pop... You have been warned.
-- George Zahora

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