Rise Against's Joe Principe fields a few POINTLESS QUESTIONS

rise against
Joe Principe invites us to become better acquainted with his tonsils.

We haven't reviewed The Unraveling yet, but why not visit the Rise Against website or buy Rise Against stuff at Insound?

What is your least favorite article of clothing, and why?

Joe Principe: Dress shoes. They're never comfortable.

If you could remove 20cc's of fat from one part of your body and inject it into another, where would the fat come from/go to?

Joe Principe: I would remove the fat from my stomach and add it to my penis. Wow! What a scary thought!

What three essential accessories would be in your dream tour van/vehicle?

Joe Principe: A comfortable bed, a clean toilet and a TV/VCR.

Which is more frightening: a venue full of people who don't like your music, or a room full of two-year-olds?

Joe Principe: Why? Hmmm, I think this is a trick question seeing how both groups of people can be one in the same.

Name three activities that would be more interesting/entertaining/enjoyable with the addition of monkeys.

Joe Principe: 1) Bowling 2) Baseball 3) Golf.

What are the best venue you've ever played? What's the worst? Why?

Joe Principe: The best venue we've ever played had to have been The Asylum in Springfield IL. Everybody treated us with respect and everybody had a good time. The worst had to have been the Blind Lemon in Cleveland. They added us on a Christian hardcore bill at the last minute and they wanted us to headline. We didn't even have our record out. We asked them if we could play in a different slot so they out us first and made us play before doors were open. They didn't even pay us. That was shitty.

What was the last thing you watched on television? How did you like it?

Joe Principe: Third Rock from the Sun and it was hilarious.

Describe your dream vacation.

Joe Principe: A week in Hawaii with my girlfriend on the beach. One of these days...hopefully.

Does everyone need to own a computer? Why or why not?

Joe Principe: I think it's getting that way. Email is an essential part of business these days not to mention it opens up a world of information. Haha, I learned how to tie a tie from the net. I wouldn't be doing this interview if it weren't for email/computers.

Who should be the leader of the free world?

Joe Principe: Bill Cosby. Then everybody would get free Jell-O pudding pops.

You have an eight-hour trip to your next gig. You're not driving, and you're not sleepy. You have the option of reading a book, listening to an album, watching a movie or playing a video game. Which do you choose? And what is the book/album/movie/game in question?

Joe Principe: I would be watching Back to the Future all the way there. I can't get enough of Michael J. Fox.

What was the best live rock show you ever saw?

Joe Principe: The Bad Brains for sure. They were/are incredible. How many singers can do back flips anyway?

You're in an elevator with Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson and George W. Bush. The elevator becomes trapped between floors. What happens next?

Joe Principe: Mariah farts and it smells bad. Marilyn Manson tries to get George Bush to suck his dick, just for shock value mind you, and to Marilyn's surprise, George is into it.

What food item do you always eat, even though you shouldn't? And why shouldn't you be eating it?

Joe Principe: I eat pizza almost everyday. That cheese has to be the worst thing for you yet I consume it daily. I foresee heart disease in the near future.

Your favorite broken-up band is going to reunite for one show only at the venue of your choice (yes, we know this is implausible. Who cares?). Who's the band, and what's the venue?

Joe Principe: Articles of Faith at the Fireside Bowl.

Is the Internet destroying the English language?

Joe Principe: YES! Everybody keeps coming up with their own abbreviations for things/words. it's so annoying.

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We're feeling lazy, so we'll massage a quote the band's official bio: "In the fall of 1999, Dan Wleklinski (guitar) and Joe Principe (bass), formerly of Chicago's melodic hardcore heroes 88 Fingers Louie, teamed up with fellow scene member and ex-Baxter frontman Tim Mcilrath to plant the seeds for Rise Against, a band that will undoubtedly make an indelible impression on punk rock/hardcore music and its listeners. The addition of Colorado import and former Pinhead Circus drummer Brandon Barnes, solidified the band's lineup and allowed them to start playing out, finish writing and record their debut album, The Unraveling, newly released by Fat Wreck Chords."

-- George Zahora

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