We here at Splendid know how utterly unique our name is. To prove it to you we went to Insound and searched for "Splendid" as a band name or the title of a record. Here's what we found:

Splendid Creatures / Greatest Hits / Splendid Creatures:
But I want to see what made it on their Greatest Misses CD!

Splendid / Pull Me In / Orchard (2000):
Frente's ex-lead singer and Alanis Morissette's ex-lead guitarist hook up -- you can let your breath out now.

Kara's Flowers / Captain Splendid / unknown:
If "Soap Disco" wasn't enough for you, these power popsters are back for more. Perhaps this is an upcoming release since Insound provides no label or date.

Tom Flair/Brian White / "Splendid" b/w "Angela 2100" / Sabotage (1999):
What a classy name for a song!

Philip Catherine and Larry Coryell / Splendid / Elektra (1978):
Catherine's been called a "young Django" by Charlie Mingus. Coryell is a pioneer of jazz/rock fusion. These are their duets…

Smile / Splendid EP / Staple Gun (1995):
An early release by the California pop-punk band.

Blaque Sperm / "Splendid" / Contract (1995):
Two "splendid" releases in one year? And to think, the online zine you know as Splendid wouldn't exist for another 12 months or so! And what's even weirder, we almost called our selves Plaque Spurn… Go figure!

Anton Barbeau / The Splendid Tray / (1999):
Out of all of these, perhaps the only one who knew we existed when he named his album. He has another album entitled 17th Century Fuzzbox Blues. I've got to check it out.

Randy Weston / The Splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco / Verve Antilles (1992):
Bop-oriented artist Weston branches out into African roots music.

David Brown / Splendid Wings / Chihuahua (1997):
You too can own his debut release!

Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra / Life is Splendid / Total Energy (1999):
A recording of a 1972 performance by the king of black science fantasy and his cohorts. Assuredly proto-Parliamentary in nature.

-- Noah Wane

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