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This week's list comes from Eric Snyder -- Splendid t-shirt maker, potential contributor and the man behind Samaritan Press. -- Ed.

When you’re going to lock yourself in a basement for a few hours, breathing chemicals the whole time (some toxic, some not), tunes are a necessity. They help keep you from thinking about the fact that you have found yet another way to develop carpal-tunnel syndrome -- always a lovely thought for us gee-tar players (is there anything in this world that doesn’t give you c.t.s.?). Anyway, these are the albums that kept me alert at 2 in the morning.

Fugazi / Repeater / Dischord Records
Boy Sets Fire / Day the Sun Went Out / Initial
Sunny Day Real Estate / Diary / Sub Pop
Blue Tip / Join Us / Dischord
Hot Water Music / Live at the Hardback / No Idea
Dillinger Escape Plan / Calculating Infinity / Relapse
Alkaline Trio / Goddamnit / Asian Man
Jejune / This Afternoon’s Malady / Big Wheel
Lifetime / Hello Bastards / Jade Tree
US Maple / Talker / Drag City
Snapcase / Designs For Automation / Victory
Jets To Brazil / Orange Rhyming Dictionary / Jade Tree
Four Hundred Years / Suture and other Songs / Lovitt
Small Brown Bike / Our Own Wars / No Idea
Avail / Dixie / Lookout!
-- Eric Snyder

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