After dragging myself out of bed at 1pm (yes, vacation is indeed what it's made out to be!) we do miscellaneous "day" things (record shopping, eating, more record shopping, etc., ) and eventually return to Emo's where we see Servotron.

These guys have some great songs, very witty in-between song banter, and an even better stage show, as they dress up in robotic suits and act like androids. Special bonus: the drummer nabbing the kid in the front row's grungy-knit hat and flinging it out into the audience. Make it a point to check these guys out next time they're in your town!

Inside, Austin's The Hamicks play their own form of retro-futurist new-wave, as the vocalist gyrates his pelvic region all over the stage. Dangerous, man, dangerous.

The Hamicks' Bob Taylor
at Emo's Jr.

Hear a sample of The Hamicks' "Statistic Man"

We catch a bit of Boston's The Amazing Royal Crowns, who combine Reverend Horton Heat with The Supersuckers, back on the outside stage. Groovy, and rockabilly at the same time.

Hear a sample of The Amazing Royal Crowns' "Fireball Stomp"

Los Angeles' Cockeyed Ghost has more energy than song proficiency at the Copper Tank Brew Pub, and we decide we've already heard Green Day ONCE in our lifetimes, so why punish ourselves again?

Servotron at Emo's

Hear a sample of Servotron's "Image Created"

Another personal highlight of SXSW is seen at 11pm, as Les Savy Fav from Brooklyn batter the frat-bar-cum-SXSW-venue with their own form of demented progressive punk. Hip sightings include Jonathan Poneman, one of the Sub Pop owner "studs" and Janeane Garofalo, comedian/actress type. Gossip: Les Savy Fav will be on Sub Pop in no time, I predict.

So, we end up at this lesbian bar, where after sitting down in a nice, cushy booth, three LARGE women of the alternative-lifestyle type inform us that they couldn't see, and that's why they're standing up. Subtle attempt at telling Andrew and Margot to get the fuck outta their booth. Rude....very rude. Danielle Howle and the Tantrums aren't much better on stage; we TRY to make it through to see the Rock-a-Teens, but all fails, and the VERY uncomfortable atmosphere suggests that we head home. I don't wanna be quashed to death by lesbians either.


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