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Afrika Bambaataa
Afrika Bambaataa
Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light
Tommy Boy

Format Reviewed: CD

Soundclip: "Just a Smoke (feat. Mustafa Akbar)"

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Dark Matter... is a welcome blast from the past, a stiff upper lip in the face of the overproduced, homogeneous hip-hop that clogs today's radio waves. Afrika Bambaataa throws us back to the age of Grandmaster Flash and Kool Moe Dee, flashing more street cred here than most modern MCs could hope to muster after a straight year of cohosting TRL.

For the R&B newbies out there, here's a quick history lesson: Afrika Bambaataa has been spinning records since your dad was in grade school, and he casts a broader shadow over rap and dance culture than Puff Daddy or Tupac. There likely wouldn't even be such a genre if it weren't for Afrika Bambaataa. His seminal Planet Rock is one of the most important records of the past millennium, and his influence can be heard (and felt) in everything from disco and rock to electronica. He's also been a lifelong advocate of peace and nonviolence, and has used music as a universal mediator for over 20 years. True to form, Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light is vintage Afrika. It has a message of tolerance and empowerment, an armada of guest MCs and a unique retro vibe that meshes dancefloor crunk with mix tape aesthetics. Most importantly, given the current climate of crotch-grabbing, attitude-fueled hip-hop, it's simply a lot of fun.

Each track straddles the timeline of the past three decades, one foot perched upon the minimalist electro-funk of the '80s and the other tapping squarely in the here and now. Bambaataa, a former DJ and producer renowned for his creativity and unpredictability, here utilizes every modern production technique available in a "kitchen sink" approach, making each of Dark Matter's tracks a global party. He cribs from the Middle East on opener "Got That Vibe", pays homage to Kraftwerk on "Metal" (featuring, among other Bambaataa devotees, Gary Numan), and invokes Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson on "Soul Makossa". "Take You Back" splits the difference between The Sugarhill Gang and garagey disco, while the title track's low-key throb and bursts of pure soul would make Parliament Funkadelic proud.

However, Bambaataa isn't all throwbacks. "Just a Smoke" is one of the most dextrous dance tracks I've heard in years, and "2137" could have been lifted from the last Blackalicious album. The man responsible for giving De la Soul and A Tribe Called Quest their start updates that timeless mid-'90s sound on "Shake "N" Pop Roll" and serves up some James Brown samples on the simmering "Pick Up on This". He even has time to extend the message on the smooth and funky "No Dope Fiends on the Floor", reminding us that an older, wiser Afrika Bambaataa hasn't lost sight of the vision that drove him from the streets to the turntables a quarter-century ago. As such, Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light is a history lesson at the speed of light. You never quite know where any given song is headed next, but you know you'll enjoy the trip.



Brian Cherney

Tomas Korber


The Rude Staircase

Dian Diaz



The Crimes of Ambition

Karl Blau


Gary Noland

Tommy and The Terrors


Bound Stems

Gary Noland

Carlo Actis Dato and Baldo Martinez

Quatuor Bozzoni

The Positions

Comet Gain

Breadfoot featuring Anna Phoebe

Secret Mommy

The Advantage

For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records

The Slow Poisoner

Alan Sondheim & Ritual All 770



Five Corners Jazz Quintet

Cameron McGill

Drunk With Joy

10 Ft. Ganja Plant

The Hospitals

Ross Beach

Big Star

The Goslings

Lair of the Minotaur

Koji Asano

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