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Boy From Brazil
Boy From Brazil
Pointless Shoes '04

Format Reviewed: CD

Soundclip: "I Just Wanna Fuck"

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Boy From Brazil is a bastard, literally. Some unsuspecting groupie must have received a turkey-baster full of rockstar DNA, gathered from Jon Spencer, Lux Interior, Alec Empire, Marc Almond, Foetus and Jarvis Cocker, then blended into a sort of deoxyribonucleic acid smoothie. Depending on how you look at it, the experiment was a success; an equal amount of each of the fathers manifested itself in this hyperactive child and inspired him to front a band called Golden Showers, play bass for saccharine rockers Stereo Total, rock his sock off his cock (or, as seen in the accompanying live video, his surgical mask "cup") with Cobra Killers' Anika Trost in Give Up, and tour as a solo artist with Atari Teenage Riot.

As suspected, Pointless Shoes '04 runs the gamut of musical styles -- rock, synthpop, industrial, hardcore (digital and analog) and other, less identifiable stuff. When the Boy's penchant for tongue-in-cheek pornographic lyrics is added to the equation, the word "interesting" becomes an understatement. For "Collision", the Boy has his way with an event somewhere between "Peter Gunn" and "Relax". He sneers "late night emissions / collision of stars right in your face" while dropping a digitally dogged breakbeat and fuzz-bass, snaps off the ejaculate knob on his Moog, and employs a squealing synth for a spy movie melody. "Pocket Rocket Queen"'s brazen lyrics ("Turn on your Pocket Rocket, baby, until your clit is lit / the Pocket Rocket baby'll make you cream in your jean (sic.)") are one-upped by Boy From Brazil's eerie Billy Ray Cyrus-style vocal approach. He ramps up his aggro side for "Caligula Rock", pairing punishing synth bass with chants of "Caligula Rock & Roll, I want some Nero soul", but this ire is a mere prelude to the ferocity the Boy unleashes on "I Just Wanna Fuck". The fusion of chopped-up beats, jaw harp and cutesy "Let's Fuck" chorus, performed by Boy spouse and Electrocute member Nicole Morier, is distorted as if it was run though a broken compressor, and matches the vocals' raw message, "I donít want no romance / I just want to get in your pants." The penultimate number, a graceful, piano-driven cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Condoléances", serves as a false afterglow -- then remixer Electronicat closes the disc with fourteen minutes of rave-friendly padding -- the album's only disappointment, but a forgivable one in light of the outstanding material that preceded it.

Pointless Shoes '04 is entertaining, exciting and -- despite the extensive name-checking -- highly original. As for the lyrics, this "skinny motherfucker with a big, fat dick" might not have the answer to global hunger or world peace, but he has some ideas for getting your swerve on at the party after the bomb drops. Better stock your fallout shelter with surgical masks...



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