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History Is Easy
Guilt Ridden Pop

Format Reviewed: CD

Soundclip: "Someone Else"

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Dwindle play (or, rather, played) unemotional, guitar-centric indie-pop with killer guitar hooks and pleasant (albeit nondescript) vocals. History Is Easy is apparently the final chapter in the band's discography, and was released for free online almost four years after their previous album, the oft-lauded Expectance/Acceptance. Like that volume, History was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins and sports some stunning production. Sadly, Dwindle's upbeat, enjoyable tunes could really use some more engaging vocal melodies, which lead singer Brooce Templeton rarely provides. Even when he does, the vocals are too low in the mix to really fill the sonic space that they're meant to inhabit.

Opener "Left Only Clues" features one of the record's few truly brilliant vocal melodies. Templeton's vocals follow the verse's syncopated crunchy guitar riff, then launch into a driving power-pop refrain: "Never did I hear you say 'What's it matter to me, anyway'." It may not make a whole lot of sense, but it rhymes in a satisfyingly Bob Mould-esque way, so you'll quickly begin singing along. "Separation Perfected"'s guitars sear a series of memorable melodies into your brain, but the vocals lack its predecessor's punch.

On "Someone Else", animated percussion lays the groundwork for ingeniously voiced guitar harmonies. "Persistence Pays Off"'s verse boasts similarly compelling guitar and bass interplay, which gives way to History's most infectious refrain. When they were clicking on all cylinders, Dwindle churned out energetic tunes with clever, rhythmically and melodically nuanced guitar-work buttressed by solid drumming and topped with unpretentious vocals.

Given its strengths, it's kind of surprising that Dwindle was never able to turn more heads. When you consider their abundance of beautiful guitar hooks and harmonies, along with their subtly inventive instrumentation, the need for a strong vocal presence is obvious. There's a lot to like on History is Easy, but Dwindle never fully realized their melodic potential. Their music is trapped somewhere between emo and indie-pop, lacking either sufficient emotional intensity or palpable pop sensibility.



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