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From Scene to Shining Scene
Honest Don's


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Having consistently been labeled a smart ass by my parents, girlfriend and brother, my eyes immediately light up when I come across one of my brethren -- especially in music. You see, I have a thing for clever punk rock types rambling about bizarre topics as they carry on at a frenzied pace -- and Canada's Chixdiggit! fit the bill quite nicely. Forget aggro-punk and politically charged diatribes on the evils of government...these Canadians are out to plug a few melodies into your head as ridiculous adventures, inside jokes and acute observations come up for musical target practice.

I totally blew off Chixdiggit! when Sub Pop released the band's last CD. Obviously, this was a terrible oversight on my part and I'm glad Honest Don's has given me a shot at redemption. The quartet's foundation is a sense of humor that's immediately noticeable on the opening track, "My Dad vs. P.M." After a few listens (and perhaps a glance or two at the lyrics!), we discover that P.M. is Beatle-gone-politico-pig Paul McCartney, and vocalist K.J. Jansen is narrating a tale about a PETA boycott mishap that rages against his clueless, meat-eating Dad. Quickly changing gears, K.J. spins a noveau tale of romance on "Aromatherapy", as essential oils and steamy towels clash with a memorable chorus and speedy guitar. Iíve immediately established a bad fetish for the smell of Aveda skin products! You can get so caught up in quiet laughter that you almost miss out on the sharp punk rock that zips from track to track, dishing out impeccable chord crashes and a tight rhythm section that's in perfect harmony with the band's adrenalin charged attitude. Chugging guitar riffs mesh with melodic lines, creating an exquisite display of ass kicking thatís not just another round of tiresome three-chord punk. You can use your imagination to dissect the track "Sweaty and Hairless," but any self-respecting pop-punk music type should quit daydreaming and get ready to be assimilated by the smarmy Chixdiggit! army.

-- Andrew Magilow

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