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Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation
The Mirror Conspiracy


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Do you like thieves? I do. That’s why I love The Mirror Conspiracy.

Corny, overly sensational attention grabbing hooks aside, there’s an element of truth to what I say. Thievery Corporation’s greatest asset is the ability to lift the best qualities of disparate camps within the electronica brigade and synthesize them into beautiful, polished, refined tracks. Are you a fan of the atmospheric French-language trip hop of Hooverphonic? Try TC’s "Le Monde" on for size. Are you into Talvin Singh’s drum ‘n’ bass meets raga/Asian underground sound? Then "Indra" is for you. Do you like Towa Tei’s bossa nova-ridden Future Listening!? Take an aural gander at "Air Batucada"; I think you’ll be pleased. I’m not necessarily asserting that the fellows in Thievery Corporation are in fact thieves -- although Stravinsky said that all great composers are -- as much as I’m trying to show the degree to which they’ve mastered their discipline. The facility with which they exploit music that has clearly inspired them, without winding up with audio sludge, is astonishing.

And they’re so suave! The Mirror Conspiracy brings to mind words like dapper, debonair and jet-setting. I mean, if there’s place in this world for the white trash sound of Kid Rock and Eminem, there’s also a place for the ever-so-slightly snobbish, a place for refinement and sophistication, a place for caviar over fishsticks and a place for records like this!

-- Noah Wane

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