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three cherries

For the last couple of months, Splendid has been receiving the first few records of the next millennium. Not only do we get to be weirded out by "Copyright 2000" before everybody else -- we also get an early opportunity to find an early batch of favorite albums for the next thousand years. One of these will undoubtedly be Three Cherries, a disc that bristles with raw beauty and skewed artistry, sprawling languidly in your earspace as it pushes all of your "listener buttons" at once. The biting feedback of "Snakes in Shoes" will sink its sharp-fanged melody into your mind, while the hypnotic retro-tech organism called "I Found Your Teeth" will wrap itself around you anaconda-style and squeeze your body into compliance with its undulating rhythm. Witness the discorporation of classic pop structure as "Tender Facial Rake's" foundations collapse beneath it, or drift away amid the accented twang, brain-tickling vocals and drunken swagger of "Red Tooth". It takes hard work, and sometimes acts of violent and destructive creativity, to make music this compelling; the byproducts can include moments of nerve-twitching mental discomfort. Sin Ropas have taken the whole mass of sound, mixed and spliced and kneaded and bonded, and produced something absolutely gorgeous -- and a disc well suited to the start of a new millennium.

Sin Ropas
Three Cherries

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reviewed by George Zahora

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