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Hate Eternal

Former Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan, along with Suffocation’s fret burner, Doug Cerrito, have fashioned Hate Eternal with one goal in mind: brutal extremity. Indeed, a vicious, thrashing monster has been born from these prominent death metal bands, rearing its head with a burning desire to consume its immediate musical surroundings. Clocking in at a little over 30 minutes, the most manifest mien of Hate Eternal's debut is the band’s employment of extreme speed. Newcomer Tim Yeung's unbelievably precise, uncompromising drumming is as deafening as it is frighteningly awesome. A few spins of Conquering the Throne reveal the band's uncanny knack for distressing musical exactitude, as well as a grave sense of urgency that translates into razor-sharp delivery of jaw-jarring metal. The first few tunes are a bit bromidic, as the unexpected speed causes each song to bleed into the next. However, the thorny guitar on "Nailed to Obscurity" blends perfectly with the devilish vocals that howl the band's becoming lyrics. The apocalyptic "Spiritual Holocaust" blankets the air with an overwhelming onslaught of churning, bass-heavy distortion that’s vigilantly distributed via authoritative riffing. Imagine early Sepultura with an updated need for speed, along with Possessed's crafty musical definitiveness, throw in unbridled hatred and you've birthed a healthy, spiteful Hate Eternal.

Hate Eternal
Conquering the Throne
Wicked World

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reviewed by Andrew Magilow

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