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Mak Wolven

There's obviously been some terrible mistake here. A few bars of the opening track, "Back to Texas," had this Texan-born writer convinced that he was listening to one of his brothers boast a few country tales and sing some soulful folk tunes. After scanning through the bio to find out which part of the Lone Star State Mak inhabited, I was hit with the shocking discovery that this Hawaiian-born, Maine-based singer was a Yankee! Kee-rist! American Landscape alternates between gutsy numbers accompanied by a full band and blissful, solo-acoustic guitar numbers that numb the psyche with gritty honesty. Wolven's style is best described as Americana -- a little bit of country, blues and folk all synthesized into a mode that's strapping, sincere and sentimental. Wolven has a gift for storytelling; tunes like "Northern Town" and "Abilene" are engrossing, intimate glimpses of life seen through the eyes of this convincing songwriter. If you thought good American music could only be made south of the Red River, it's time to peer to the Northeast, somewhere past New Hampshire, and there you'll hear Mak Wolven, strumming his guitar and singing tales that'd comfort the cowboys of Amarillo.

Mak Wolven
American Landscape
Pinecone Productions

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reviewed by Andrew Magilow

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