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Man Scouts of America
Man Scouts of America
Crash Course


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If you're searching for how to build the better campfire, or information on tent construction techniques, you've come across the wrong "Scouts" page. This cacophonous quartet prefers the overdriven guitar over nature conservation as it lays rock 'n' roll waste to whatever crosses its path. You'd be hard pressed not to think of KISS as the Man Scouts of America blast out of your stereo. With a big chunk of guitar, ballsy, swaggering vocals and chorus after chorus of fist-pumpin' fury, these Scouts aren't out to win any medals for helping your Gramps across the street. Satiating that burning, wanton need for crunch-rock rhythms that may be lingering in your system, "Nightmare" and "R.A.F.O.R.N.R." have all the necessary components for a good time: easy-to-remember choruses, chord changes that even the most inexperienced can play air guitar to and a pulsating rhythm section that'll leave your body trembling in shock. Perhaps you walked out on the Scouts recruitment meeting in 5th grade like I did. Here's an opportunity to enlist in another "Scouts club" that won't have any nasty men leading you into the woods. If it's rock 'n' roll you crave, Crash Course is your no-holds-barred aluminum platter of relentless, schtick-driven good times.

-- Andrew Scoutmaster Magilow

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