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we are each other's baby
Captive Audience are back with more Eurostyled industrial techno -- just like mom used to make (but only if mom was Cosey of Chris and Cosey). Conley and Warwick inhabit a sonic space that should be familiar to anyone who spent time in a nightclub in the late eighties, or whose record collection contains a quantifiable percentage of ten year-old Wax Trax! or Nettwerk output. The epic-length "Dream Engine," for instance, has the "charm" of a Eurodisco classic -- melding its cold, metallic mood with an earthy ability to stir sweat-drenched bodies into motion. Then there's the unveiled cyberoticism of "My Machine Will F--- You" (sic), packed with vocal samples narrating sexual roboticism at work. There aren't any blaring guitars or gravel-gargling vocals -- the aesthetic at work here predates them. It's more a matter of finding an intriguing and obscure snippet of film dialogue and constructing beat-driven ambiance around it -- a method employed at length by Skinny Puppy, though Captive Audience lacks their gothic horror trappings. Ultimately, as with the previous CA album, We Are Each Other's Baby will have the greatest appeal for those who long for the "pure" industrial sound, unadulterated by guitars -- but on the dance floor, its magnetic appeal should be almost universal.
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Captive Audience
We Are Each Other's Baby
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  Review by George Zahora

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