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slow riot for new zero kanada
GYBE seem to get better and better with age. The nine-person ensemble, which melds guitars, strings, drums and found-sounds into cinematic mindscapes, is in top form on slow riot for new zero kanada. On "Moya", mournful strings rise and fall over a desert of sound -- imagine an endless series of malleable hills and valleys, swelling and waning and undulating their way to the horizon. Add a solemn melody, driven slowly to feverish intensity by mounting waves of guitar and drums until it finally crests, bursting into a thousand diminishing echoes and fading into silence. "Blaise Bailey Finnegan III" uses its seventeen-minute-plus length to evolve over several discrete movements, building to a series of brief but intense climaxes. Beginning with some muffled recorded conversation -- the sort that you strain to hear but never quite can while listening at "polite" volume -- it slowly builds a background of crystalline guitar texture and ends with an urgently-bowed violin. The melody begins again, very low in the mix, lurking in the outer reaches of hearing for several minutes gathering its strength for another peak, then changing its mind at the last minute and backing down. It gathers its strength as the field recorded voices return, finally mounting a massive assault of guitar squall, violin wail and drummed thunder in the piece's final minutes. It's an extremely emotional, draining moment, which is perhaps why GYBE gives the listener an adagio epilogue during which to recover. Both tracks are absolutely beautiful, and will leave you wondering what future marvels are in store from the group.
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Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP
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  Review by George Zahora

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