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New School hardcore with an Old-School foundation, OS101 (that's Old School 101, for you not paying attention in the back) has its artistic roots in the seminal Hogan's Heroes. Applying those lessons learned from the ten year existence of HH, OS101 has all of the key elements of classic hardcore: zig-zagging riffs, wholesome start-stop rhythms, good ol' fashioned bass intros and a big round of chanting choruses. Tracks like "The Search" and "Rehumanize Yourself" study the "hardcore classics" and filter their positive offerings into a solid, contemporary sound that's angry without being all-out aggro. "315" pays homage to those classic hardcore matinees at CB's as the band plows through something along the lines of old Murphy's Law, Gorilla Biscuits and CIV. With a sound that's consistent, but not painfully monotonous, OS101 shows that experience pays with a robust record full of songs that not only suggest unity, loyalty and working class pride but an all-out positive musical message with the energy and zest that's blatanly missing from many of today's bands.
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United Brotherhood of Scenesters
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