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heartbreak's got backbeat

Filling up ice cube trays with peanut butter is not a good idea. Trust me on this one, I know from experience. However, purchasing Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat and allowing it a couple months' residence in your CD player is a good idea. You’ll have to trust me on that as well.

Six Going on Seven’s sound is a powerful amalgamation of Pixies-like power fuzz filtered through the Cure’s watery, chiming melodicism, with a dash of Mineral’s rhythmic muscle thrown in for good measure. I guess it's fair to call them emo; they do, after all, have some of the requisite components of any "good" emo band: powerful, enveloping vocals, brash yet tuneful guitar work and a moniker that includes not one but two numbers. But unlike most albums these days, Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat works better as a cohesive whole than it does on a "one good, one bad," song-by-song basis. Each song segues into the next with effortless grace; for instance, the propulsive rhythmic snap and guitar chug of "New/Improved!" winds itself gently into the emotive howl and snaking bass lines that drive "Reverse Midas." This is an album of all lean and no filler -- not one note is wasted in the hands of this mesmerizing trio. So rather than spreading chunky Skippy all over those oh-so-useful pieces of arctic blue plastic that reside in your freezer, take a trip down to your local record store and check out Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat. Remember that if nothing else, it will be a hell of a lot easier to clean up when you're done.

Six Going on Seven
Heartbreak's Got Backbeat

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reviewed by Jason Jackowiak

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