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Blueline Medic
A Working Title in Green
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Blueline Medic is the sort of band that wins you over on their convictions alone. They rock out with a manic fury, as if holding back Armageddon itself. Every member of the band seems to be bleeding his soul into his instrument. With a singer who sounds a tiny bit like Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs, the band maneuvers in the same slipstream as Jets to Brazil, with more subtle vocal phrasings and less obvious hooks.

"Swan Song Swan Dive" has a commendable driving force. Eschewing mere power-pop, the band layers on a dubby fuzziness, forcing the listener to find the song underneath the raw energy of the guitars. It's a rewarding song for zipping around in morning traffic. "Where You Are" lays on some quasi-Killing Joke guitar washes, which become overshadowed by more energetic band interplay. The chief impression given is that Blueline Medic have a destination, and that getting there means translating all of their emotions into their songs.

The name of the band couldn't be more appropriate. Songs like "Shopping with a Cartesian" seem to exist to convey rock energy. It's an accomplished energy that's consistent throughout the entire disc. Instruments weave into and around each other, with no annoying noise factor to distract you. If the band was playing at your local pub, even at full volume, you'd never be insulted or annoyed -- the buzz of their play is that infectious.

This is not the sound of the Next Big Thing. Blueline Medic is simply a quality band making music that they obviously give a damn about. They might not even be as accessible as Jets to Brazil, but for getting your blood pumping, Working Title in Green is a safe and reliable bet. If the band can focus more on hooks and melodies next time out, their quality playing and complete conviction will sell the songs more fully.

-- Tim DiGravina
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