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Dave Davies
Name me a rock 'n' roll legend that you wouldn't think of if you were asked to name one... Of course it's a trick question, but how about Dave Davies? Most Kink-picking-people would go for Ray, but this doesn't do justice to Dave's groundbreaking guitar-work and ignores the fact that Dave wrote quite a chunk of the Kinks' catalog. And what's more, Dave has pursued a solo career from 1980 on. "I'd like to learn more about Dave Davies -- where can I learn more?" you ask. Well, fortunately for you there's a new retrospective double disc, Unfinished Business, which highlights Dave's work over the last 30+ years! Disc 1 focuses on the Kinks stuff and includes classics like "You've Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night". Disc 2 is Dave's solo stuff and also contains a fresh title track (not worth purchasing the album for but present nonetheless). There are also some new studio versions of old Kinks tunes like the classic "Death of a Clown" and others. These types of retrospective albums are popular these days, but with Unfinished Business (as opposed to The Beatles' Anthology, for instance) you may actually discover a song you didn't know before.
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Dave Davies
Unfinished Business
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