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Ten in the Swear Jar
Ten in the Swear Jar
My Very Private Map
Random Order


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I have no idea what these Ten in the Swear Jar people are thinking, what they are trying to do, what they've been eating or what sort of brain fungus they're fighting, but wow they've made a good CD! A strange, surprising, peculiar CD, one that's been hogging the CD player for a week now.

It would be pretty hard not to like a CD that starts off with home recordings of potty-mouthed kids fighting, then segues cleanly into a song about HelsaBot, the alcohol fueled robot, the lyrics of which I'm compelled to quote in their entirety:

I did something bad I got in a fight about drugs kicked him in the neck

I am HelsaBot I am all you're not but you wish you were I am working hard don't laugh at me I am HelsaBot alcohol fueled robot

I take off my clothes then I say to Joe do your pants ever just fall off a menage et trois is fine

Well, that just about takes care of that, doesn't it! But wait, there's more. Wonky baritone sax propels "Sad Girl" into some down-and-dirty musical nether-world. Cheezeball effects, accordion and a great chorus combine to form a strangely wonderful pop song in "Don't Play the Drumz". "Sita Deth" should soon be a classic in the always inviting alt-guitar-rock-with-screamed/whispered-vocals genre. And not only is "When You Write (Black Angels Version)" just about the prettiest love song you're going to hear all year, but it also has lots of tweaky sound effects that go zipping around your moony-eyed little head.

So, what I'm trying to get across here is that My Very Private Map is a really good CD, full of odd, touching, and always creative pop songs. It's well worth a listen.

-- irving bellemead

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