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add n to x  Able to produce the soundtrack to a private nightmare of being trapped in that 1980's robot-killing, maze-navigating video game, Berzerk!, here's one of the most clever and rousing CD's I've heard all year. This trio of Brits arm themselves with analog synths and moogs and supplement the entire electronic shebang with a combination of drum machine beats and live percussion, along with an occasional burst of vocoder and screwy tape samples. While there are no exact musical reference points for add n to x, think Atari Teenage Riot, but GOOD (i.e. without that repetitive distortion) coupled with Kraftwerk. The "Sound of Accelerating Concrete" has the resonance of a swarm of electronic bees, aggressively hovering over your head in a mad bee rampage, and exemplifies the amazing electronic gadgetry that the band incorporates in its musical explorations. Try out "The Black Regent" and reap the rewards of interplanetary travel with a soft excursion of beeps, blips and braps guiding your way. Haunting interjections of organ and synth eventually take the pilot (and the listener) through a storm of widely ranging frequencies. This isn't an electronica record per se, but rather a strange mixture of all things electronic, producing a mesmerizing introduction to a new dimension in sound. Acquire this promptly!
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On the Wires of Our Nerves
Mute Records
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