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Bingo  Bingo can be forgiven for track 2 of "H om". The Pearl Jam knock-off is more than compensated for by the 11 remaining "ethno/folk/country" gems. Made up of guitar, banjo, fiddle, sitar, string bass and percussion, Bingo manages to pull off a remarkable synthesis of various folk traditions. Picture Ravi Shankar sitting in with a bluegrass band singing an Islam-inspired text and you'll be halfway towards an understanding of "H om" (and listening to our conveniently provided soundclip of "Sham Ba Q'Allah" will take you the rest of the way). The really weird thing about "H om" is how you come away from it saying to yourself "Wow! Banjo and Sitar! Why didn't someone think of this earlier?!?!" It is a tribute to the integrity of the members of Bingo that such seemingly artificial combinations come across so organically. Besides "Sham Ba Q'Allah", highlights include the meditative "Zenith Raga" and the folksy "Baby, Where You Been So Long?".
"H om"
Undercover, Inc.
 Review by Noah Wane

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