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Mutants of Sound Like last year's "Nation State" single (included here in a slightly longer form), MOS is the successful fusion of cutting edge electronic music and what might be described as "classic" elements of eighties industria. Anyone who has enjoyed the dark, driving sounds of Front 242 or Front Line Assembly will appreciate tracks like "Allegra" -- it's essentially a more intricate, technically superior child of the Wax Trax era, with brooding ambience galore. Despite a tendency toward linear tranciness, Mutants of Sound can be viewed as an almost evolutionary step, as DJ? Acucrack absorb* the strongest elements of nineties techno -- thunderous breakbeats, drum&bass rhythms, and a wider range of creative options -- and fuse them to the "retro" foundation. It's a far more understated sound than much of today's ear-abusing techno. Standout tracks include the aforementioned "Nation State", the exhaustingly fast-paced "You're Not the Fastest Ship", and the even faster brutal d&b mutation of "Scientists Playing God". Mutants of Sound is perfect for anyone craving an industrial nostalgia fix, something to dance to or simply a subtler take on the whole electronic music thing.

*DJ? Acucrack is two guys, hence the plural.

DJ? Acucrack
Mutants of Sound
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