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Soaking in the Center of the Universe Vol. 2  Spongebath Records releases volume 2 of their sampler series, allowing you to test out the various bubble baths available without forcing yourself into a potentially unpleasant bathing experience with any one particular band due to its unfamiliarity and a possible unwanted full length album. Some of the more cleansing bands on this sampler include The C-60s, with their extremely catchy college rock infused number, "Remote Control," that will wash away any preconceptions that pop is dead. Likewise, The Features’ "Anti-Gravity Class of ‘93" soaks in a late 60’s garage-y sound similar to a Joe Meek-produced early R.E.M. with the modern day conveniences of concentrated, bubbly pop. For those into more dangerous temperatures, Count Bass-D scrubs up with some steamy hip-hop, almost like sharing the back brush with KRS-1. As with most samplers, the object here is for band experimentation -- take a chance and listen to some bands you probably haven’t heard of, and perhaps you’ll realize that Spongebath Records has figuratively sopped up some of tomorrow’s musical future today.
Various Artists
Soaking in the Center of the Universe Vol. 2
Spongebath Records
   Review by Andrew Magilow

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