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Treat Her Like A Show Cat There's something about Treat Her Like A Show Cat that screams out for you to listen to it in a cool, dark basement apartment, sprawled out on an ancient couch and sipping midpriced beer. I dunno...just something quintessential about it. It's a pretty straightforward rock album, filled with an equal percentage of jangly upbeat rock songs ("Sublease You", "Personal History") and sadder, more introspective cuts ("$2.75", "Sole of Your Shoe"), but with a healthy dose of musicianship and melody throughout. "Dissolve", for instance, combines a strummy-jangly acoustic harmony with a piercing electric guitar melody and a chorus that's strongly reminiscent of XTC; it's nicely offset by the gentle, slow-paced "Spain", with its rhyming-couplet lyrics and background-lurking feedback. The thing I noticed right away about the Seymores is that they have what you might call "classic qualities" -- the rhythm and drive of early REM, the vocal eccentricities of XTC, the lyrical cleverness of Robyn Hitchcock, the emotional openness of the Lemonheads, and so on. It's never a conscious emulation, though -- just similar strengths, ex post facto. Joe Nio and Dave Fera write very, very different songs, so the fact that Treat Her Like A Show Cat sounds cohesive, as opposed to veering all over the sonic map, is a good sign for the band's future as a productive ensemble. Production by David Lowery (sadly billed, on the cover sticker, as "David Lowery of Cracker" -- does no-one have a memory longer than 5 years?) is the icing on the cake -- though when a violin shows up in the mix, it's hard not to point the finger at him.
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Treat Her Like A Show Cat
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