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Week of March 27, 2000

[how to know...]
The Butterflies of Love / How to Know the Butterflies of Love / Secret7

Have you ever been loopy about a girl (or a guy, or a really cool cat) but found it hard to tell others, let alone that person, how you felt? This review is dedicated to all those who knew to seek out the butterfly for the answer to your giddy, flapping colors of happiness...more»

[shadow behind the iron sun]
Evelyn Glennie / Shadow Behind the Iron Sun / RCA

Conventional drums and cymbals are just the tip of the iceberg for Glennie. Add marimba, various chimes, gongs and bells, wood blocks, gamelan, maracas, car exhaust pipes, a simtak, rattles and sticks, and you've still only covered about half of Glennie's instruments. There are also obscure and home-made instruments from her collection, some of which don't even have names yet...more»

[movie music vol. I]
Braid / Movie Music Vol. I / Polyvinyl

"Braid also realized that not all of their fans owned a record player, so they decided to re-release the songs on CD -- and that's Movie Music Vol. 1. It's all about the fans. The CD is arranged chronologically with the first track coming from their first 7" and so on down the line of singles until you reach track 17 which is the previously unreleased song...more»

[the covers record]
Cat Power / The Covers Record / Matador

With The Covers Record, Marshall has captured her stage performances of the Joan of Arc tour and successfully translated them into a studio album. Several of the selections are from the Piano Album sessions, but most of the songs have been reworked and recorded, with Marshall playing either piano or guitar...more»

[36 erreurs]
Etienne Charry / 36 Erreurs / Kindercore

36 Erreurs was licensed from the good folks at Editions Tricatel -- the savvy French label that's home to Bertrand Burgalat, Valérie Lemercier, Louis Philippe and a host of others. That's not to say that Charry's work resembles the ultra-smooth, jet-set-sophisticated sounds you'd associate with Burgalat and company; he's far more scattershot, a Gallic variation on Momus, Pizzicato 5 or Bjork...more»

[whatever you love, you are]
The Dirty Three / Whatever You Love, You Are / Touch & Go

It's anything but hopeless here, as Touch & Go has blessed this trio with indie rock credentials that live up to the label's standards of originality and potency. Depending on your mood, Whatever You Love, You Are will either soothe your tired spirit with a massage-like quality that relaxes your soul, or actively engage your brain with some mental gymnastics...more»

DJ Food / Kaleidoscope / DJ Food

If you've enjoyed Ninja Tune acts like Clifford Gilberto, Amon Tobin and Cinematic Orchestra, Kaleidoscope is likely to be right up your alley. While not as jazzy as Tobin and Gilberto's efforts, it's filled with the same sweeping, cinematic sounds, mixing swanky horn riffs, swelling soundtrack swings, lounge-core aesthetics and borrowed vocals with selected trip-hop and drum'n'bass trappings...more»

[open strings]
Peter Finger / Open Strings / Acoustic Music

Peter Finger is a musician's musician. He's also smart enough to realize that world music domination doesn't occur by catering to a minority group's interest. Consequently, Finger douses his exquisite skill set with simplicity, enabling his music to easily interact with the public's thirst for new artists and sounds...more»

[Riel: Musical Plea]
Normand Guilbeault / Riel: Musical Plea / Ambiances Magnétiques

Musical Plea is essentially an instrumental work with bilingual (French/English) narration. The narration is mostly spoken, though sometimes shouted, and is drawn principally from historical documents. Occasionally a period hymn or anthem is performed. There is also a liberal sprinkling of spontaneous battle cries, whoops and hollers...more»

[the big sleep]
Polyesterday / The Big Sleep / Libanonstop

While their name invokes cheesy 70's disco, Polyesterday owe far more to the Beatles than Abba. Unlike Oasis, who seem content to simply re-record Beatles tracks in stereo, Polyesterday break new ground by filtering the psychedelia of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band through the dreamy, distorted haze of post-grunge rock...more»

[at a glance]
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