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Bill Streett
Bill Streett
Bill Streett


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Have you ever tried taking a drum machine, a keyboard and your imagination and creating multiple compositions? More importantly, if you have indeed tried this frustrating routine, was the resulting output actually enjoyable? It's not too difficult to let the drums start clicking away, but it's damn near impossible to inject a vibrant expression of soul into these types of automated works.

Luckily, Bill Streett is one of those exceptionally skilled artists, swirling light techno beats with atmospheric ambient moods and simple, ear-opening samples into a prolific seventeen-track disc. Unlike many artists in this genre, Streett tends to take an alternate path by keeping each of his compositions tightly coiled. Instead of setting a mood and gradually building up an experimental piece of epic time proportions, Streett promptly sets the rhythm and enables you to feast upon the various sample enhancements that propel his compositions to the next level. Streett stretches himself across the majority of electronic based genres, trying his hand at everything from nebulous, chemical-induced hazes to fat, beat-based tracks aligned with contemporary industrial standards. The most compelling tune here is "Don't Bring Back the Past", which drags you around the room with a bounding dancefloor beat. But just as you get comfortable in Streett's arms and you get into his car, he takes off down a winding road of retro-sounding synth notes, then slams on the brakes, deploying a smothering air bag of whirling, repetitive bleeps that leave your head spinning. Displaying his proficiency with multiple styles, "Calve" revolves around a constantly modulated frequency that sounds like an electronic drop of water splashing into a pool of white noise. Hopefully Streett had enough cash to press some of these tracks onto vinyl, because I'd expect that many turntable needles are anxiously waiting to bounce in between the grooves as their respective DJs mix and spin Streett for their adoring, club-hopping masses.

-- Andrew Magilow

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