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long dim road
The Tossers
Long Dim Road


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I haven't had the urge to rub a Blarney Stone this bad since The Pogues' Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash. These Chicago natives give real-life Irishmen a run for their money. Yes, the Pogues -- and Shane MacGowan in particular -- are easy, yet unavoidable comparisons, but there seems to be much more to the Tossers.

The Irish theme is pretty strong throughout Long Dim Road, to the point of being downright dominating, but there's still a nice punk rock edge. If there was a cross between a jig and a slamdance, you can easily picture Tosser show-goers doing this move. It makes you thirsty for Guinness, really.

There is yet another layer to this multi-faceted band. We have established that they can keep up with the best of the punks and that they can make you want to incorporate more green into your wardrobe. To top that off, they'll make you want to write letters to the government. That's right, at certain points the political undertones here are so thick that you might think you've thrown a Billy Bragg CD in the player by mistake.

It's not every day that you get to hear tin whistles, banjos, and mandolins presented in a hardcore style. It's not necessarily something you could listen to every day, but when you want some variation in your musical diet, the Tossers are perfect. After all, they are -- brace yourself for yet another Irish cliché -- magically delicious.

-- Jennifer Perkins

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