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When 20 Summers Pass


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In the world of seemingly endless rock n roll sub-genres, here's another one to add to the list: Krishnacore. Former Youth of Today kingpins Ray and Porcell are certainly the primary progenitors of this genre, which supports straightedge living, vegetarianism, a sober consciousness and respect for each other. Whether that interests you or not, Shelter's music is still worthy of mention.

When 20 Summers Pass, the band's fifth full length, continues the messages of Krishnacore, with the unusual backing of hardcore punk rock as its primary vehicle of expression. Ray and Porcell have done their time in the music scene, and their latest release clearly shows that this duo can pack a spiritual punch while creating tunes that just as enjoyable to staunch fans and followers as they are to casual hardcore listeners. "In the Van Again" has a terrific chorus, making it the most accessible tune here. Ray's powerful lyrics examine the sacrifices of a life on the road as hurried guitar riffs steer his vocals toward a perfect conclusion. Shelter injects a mild Indian quality into "Song of Brahma" with melodic guitar notes that put you into a hazy trance. Just as you begin to zone out, a quick spike of ruthlessly powerful hardcore flatlines your state of semi-consciousness like an icy bucket of water in the face.

Shelter's main attraction is its no-bullshit approach to delivering the hardcore goods. Zipping through these twelve tracks will easily satiate any cravings for guitar based aggression, but it may also affect your belief system. Is Krishnacore in your future? Give 'em a shot and see if things connect. If they don't, you've still got a kick ass CD to blast!

-- Andrew Magilow

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