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DJ Micro


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DJmixed.com/micro showcases the talents of DJ Micro, one of the East Coast's name DJs -- he's worked with the likes of Onionz, Frankie Bones and Scott Henry. This remix/production effort is fairly eclectic -- rather than pinning himself down with remixes of one particular style, DJ Micro has selected tracks from a wide variety of house and trance, and added his signature acidbreakbeat/trancey feel.

In the album's early moments, heavy breakbeats are the focus -- particularly the second and third tracks, respectively "Freebase" and "f". Mid-album, Micro settles into solid, beat-heavy pieces that get the sweat flying, notably "Tell Me Why (Vandit Remix)", a Paul Van Dyke remix featuring the inimitable writing skills and signature bleeps of St. Etienne. Sarah Cracknell's cool vocals are looped throughout the middle of the song, intoning the peaceful line, "When the morning comes / the snow is falling". Micro's trancey breaks remix of Cleveland Lounge's "Drowning" is one of five that Moonshine are releasing on CD. Last year, club fans were clamouring online to buy copies of this hitherto rare track anywhere. This version includes ZoĆ Ellis' soulful lyrics, a looped chorus and trancey breakbeats; it's closer to the Cleveland Lounge original, and perhaps more interesting than the Joshua Ryan trance remix available on Overamerica 2000, which has no vocals at all. My sister -- my resident trip-hop fan and tweaker extraordinaire -- remarked that this album would be a perfect work-out soundtrack. It offers something for every electronic taste, starting slowly (but isn't too mellow, as is usual in live performance to give the dancers more time to get warmed up) then building to a fast and beat-heavy middle. There's even a tripped-out ending for cool-down, utilizing Micro's rearrangement of BT's lovely and protean dream-trance track "Dreaming". When the alarm clock ticks at the end of the last cut, you realize you've received your wake-up call -- and you're sorry the dream had to end.

-- Jenn Sikes

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